The Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums!

It is a ritual of the summer in every small town in Western New York. The scene is a typical Main Street, lined on both sides with a breathless throng, piled five or six deep, children riding on their fathers’ shoulders, their eyes all trained on the corner, waiting, murmuring excitedly, anticipating.

It starts with a rhythmic, pulsing roll, a sound like distant thunder, getting closer and closer. Then, the rumble is joined by a reedy skirling that makes the blood sing and the hairs stand up on the necks of the throng.

Then, with a flash of Royal Stuart Red and Black Watch green, the head of the parade rounds the turn, and a wild roar goes up from the crowd. The moment they came for has arrived! Almost before they know it, the band is past, the skirl of the pipes and the rattle of the drums overwhelming, and then they are gone … Welcome to the Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums website.

For nearly a century, we have been the area’s premier pipe and drums corps. Here you can see photos from past performances, browse our schedule for upcoming events, even book us for your event. So settle in, spend some time, get to know us, and we’ll see you out on the street

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  • Len Johnson  says:

    Wondering what you may charge for a upcoming event? April 29, 2017 is our Opening Day Parade for Avon Youth Baseball.
    Thank you

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